Team Bios

Chris Neighbors (Team Captain):
“Originally a West Texas boy, I started playing paintball at the age of 15 when given an Eagle Talon pump action paintball gun as a gift from a family friend for
my brother and I to play with. We played on and off until I went to college then went on hiatus for several years. Then after settling down in Central Texas my wife and I were invited to play paintball with the teen group at our church and I was hooked again! I kept playing more and more and got back into the sport head over heels again! I have owned an Eagle Talon pump, several various Spyders, two Tippmann A5′s and now the feared Tippmann Phenom. I have the spectacular pleasure of having a wife that loves to play when she can, and a new baby girl who hopefully will be playing paintball when she’s able at the age of ten!

Being Captain of Armor Up Paintball since it was formed in 2010 is one of the most fun things I have ever done! Our guys are great, we have a blast at every event we go to, and it’s pure pleasure to lead this group. We enjoy paintball but enjoy seeing new people join the sport just as much, so if you have any questions about the sport just grab one of us and well help you in any way we can!”

Chris Stedman:
“Husband and father of two children, i’ve Lived in central Texas for twenty five years, and work as a civil designer for an engineering firm. First started playing paintball in 2010 at my church field. Immediatly went out and bought my first marker, a Tippmann A-5, but now use a Bob Long G6R. Favorite style of of paintball would be scenario, but speedball is growing on me fast.”

Simon Vand:
“I am from Austin, Texas I have lived here my whole life, currently I go to the university of Texas at San Antonio. I started playing paintball 3 years ago when I was 17. My first paintball marker was a Smart Parts Ion, since that marker I have owned more markers than I can count and rarely keep one more than a few months. I currently Have a Bob Long G6r and Vice. I enjoy all kinds of paintball and all different styles especially pump paintball. Playing pump paintball is some of the most fun I’ve had on the field.”

Spencer Ornelas:
“I started playing paintball 3 years ago, I’m from Los Angeles and I have been in Austin for 4 years. I met Simon and Adam at Texas Paintball and they pretty much taught me everything I know about speedball. Since then I have met some good people who like to paintball and are pretty good at it. Once the three of us hooked up with Chris and started playing scenarios we instantly got hooked. My best moment so far was leading the charge in the V2 rocket game at DDay in 2011. I currently shoot a Bob Long Ripper Victory. My first gun was a 2007 PMR.”

Alex Kac:
“Moved to Texas from NYC at age 7, but raised by a cowboy hat/boot wearing Russian father, I started playing paintball in 2009 thanks to Chris Neighbors. I love playing with a small group against a much larger group, especially in offensive positions. Small team tactics being a supporting gunner is my favorite position. My first marker was a Tippman 98 Custom, moved to an A5, and now on a Phenom X7. My most memorable game was playing woods ball at TX Paintball going after a well defended group as part of a strike team.”

Wes Sandlin:
“I started playing paintball about 4 years ago. Then got connected with this group and my paintball career went into overdrive. I am an Oklahoma d-day veteran. Along with being a paintball gunner I help the team with field communications. As far as markers go I’ve been a Tippmann guy since the beginning. I started with an A5 then graduated to a Phenom (Best marker ever).
Paintball is a great family sport and I’m glad to be a part of this team.”

Johnny Gaytan:
“I first experienced with paintball in a cold Texas morning in Del Valle at venue named Constant Action back in 2001. I really enjoyed it but never made the effort to play again until 9 years later. Fast-forward to 2010 I was invited to play at out church’s field and got the paintball bug again! After some encouragement from my wife to equip myself and play regularly I got a Tippmann X7 Phenom and go out and play in “fashion”! I feel my performance get a little better each and every time I go out and play. I have been to Oklahoma DDAY twice with the team (2010, 2011) and plan on continuing to attend!”

Adam Bolton:
“I’ve been playing playing paintball for about 6 and a half years. I play mostly speedball but starting to play a lot more woodsball…. I am known for my excessive shooting but hey a kill is a kill! I am from North Carolina, been in Texas for around 13 years so I’m a Texan for sure. I met Simon and Spencer on the turf… And now we hooked up with Chris and others to form Armor Up Paintball.”

Ryan Taylor:
“I started playing paintball when I was around 14. I have had an SP8, MR1, A5, and currently I shoot a G4. I love being the guy the guys can count on to run into a hail of paintballs to help secure an objective or take the flag at a position! That rush never gets old! I love the game of paintball and people who play it fair.”
NOTE from the Captain: Ryan will be leaving us around April of this year 2012 for a while so he can serve in the US Coast Guard. While he is on hiatus from the team he will continue to hold whatever positions he has earned. Once he finally gets some leave time we hope to see him back in action!